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    SPG Stock?

    Could this stock be a SPG stock? When I first looked at it I thought it was a GHS stock but other than the cut out for the butt plate it looks very similar to my SPG stock. It has a long channel, letter O in the barrel well. Angled clip latch. Flat circle for trigger guard. It has equal size holes and is cut for a trap butt plate. Screw holes for butt plate are small (same size). There are no cartouches or rebuild marks visible. I can almost see what appears to be a partial circle for a proof but nothing more. All comments are welcome.
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    The butt trap and trigger guard cut. If other pictures are needed let me know. regards,
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      Curt, I did find data on a SA GHS stock with a 0 in the barrel channel, was on a 94K rifle

    When the SA SPG stocks were converted to use the trapdoor butt plate, wood had to be removed from the end of the stock. The curved toe had to be removed which resulted in a stock that was shorter than normal (by at least 3/16 inch or more). Also these stocks had the trigger guard recess indented by the trigger guard


      I measured from the recess of the butt plate edge to recess of the ferrule, i.e. the area not covered by butt plate or ferrule it is exactly 29 inches. On my converted earlier known SPG with drawing number the same measurement is 28 15/16. Not sure what that tells me. Don't have any later stocks with me now, but I believe 29 would be the same on a modern stock (29 5/8 overall). However, unlike my other stock which is crudely done with an insert for the large hole this stock looks like it may have originally been a trap butt. The trap butt plate fits it very well with no overhang or toe gap (for a no trap plate). If by chance that it is a SPG would that put it in the 70-78K ish range? Or could it actually be an earlier stock? My logic would say no, I'm not that lucky but we can all wish. Most likely its a GHS but I'd like someone like you who actually has a few or handled many to provide insight to what it mostly is. thanks for the comment and picture.


        I have some additional photos but they will not download, best to just email me for photos.

        not all converted stocks are shorter as I have a SA SPG stock D28293 with non serif P in circle and serif P in box number 18 in channel and rebuild marks AA R2 where the cartouche was located, there is a drilled out dowel in the top hole and the bottom stock hole was bored out to make two equal sized holes, this stock is 29 9/16 inches long without metal.

        Also have a SA SPG stock with non serif P in circle, without drawing number and the top of the pistol grip is marked with the large letters RA P 2 A, channel is marked 1, this stock was converted to use the no trap butt plate and is 29 1/2 inches long without metal