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Pic test. Looked like it worked.

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    Pic test. Looked like it worked.

    It looked like it worked on the test forum but given the content, I figured I'd try it on this forum too.

    Click image for larger version

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    Yes, Sir.....the pic worked here, too!!

    Very this photo depicting the transition from numbered lower band to arched lower band??

    Any more info on the rifles they're on???

    You have me curious!!
    Welcome to the Addiction!


      Well, over the years I have had access to quite a few things. Some of these pictures are from my stuff, some are from visits to other collectors, some are from museums, some are sent to me from other collectors that want to share their stuff but not let the world know they have it so they will send it to me (and I will post it as "this just in from our from our Bugtussle, Louisiana office") and some I honestly just don't remember where it came from.

      That one was a line of early rifles that all got to meet at one time all laid out together; a very early gastrap in the fore, a just as rare double spring gasport next, then a type 2 rod/keystone rifle, then a 27x,xxx rifle, and then a 360k LL rifle. All are original or substantially original rifles so it was a pretty neat gathering.

      I am still kinda klunky on the pictures so lets see if it works again. You caught the numbered band right away so lets see if you like this view.

      PS; this is a super nice forum - thanks for letting us share your new sandbox with you here.
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        Thanks for the nice words about the forum. A lot of work, but I'm really happy with how it's coming along. Now that we're progressing into the cooler months, ad more folks are spending time indoors, I'm hoping the membership will increase and more people will share their knowledge, advice, and collections.

        The other photo that you posted above is very cool as well. It looks like the op rod on the rifle in the foreground is a top marked -0, which is super nice....uncut perhaps? I can only assume that the milled rear handguard clip is numbered, too.

        It also appears that the first two rifles lack a relief cut in the rear handguard, as well as nice early fire-blued extractors.

        Now that you're teasing me to death over here you must post more photos!!!
        Welcome to the Addiction!



          This is from serial number 3343 is an almost completely original gastrap - yes, the oprod is uncut as well. A well used rifle, it has so many unique features from early production that when first discovered folks didn't quite know what to make of it. Gotta love numbered parts.