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Springfield s/n 52112 with S-A-7-40 barrel

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    Springfield s/n 52112 with S-A-7-40 barrel

    This example of a July 1940 is complete, not mint and nothing fake. Some help was required.

    Stock is an original SA SPG (faint cartouche) no trap with two equal sized holes. Original keystone and comp spring plus
    correct internal parts. Barrel is July 1940, exc bore. You do not find many early gas port barrels around as many were
    used on direct conversions and many were lost or used up during the war years. I only know about five or six July 1940
    barrels that are still around.

    Wow, Robert, that's SUPER NICE!!!!
    I'm so jealous of your collection.........thanks for taking the time to share this rifle with us. bd1
    Welcome to the Addiction!


      Beautiful rifle, Robert.

      Click image for larger version

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      Probably born on the same day...close, very close.


        Here is another receiver that is close, with a S-A 8-40 barrel


          Forgot to include the following: s/n 52112 has a round bolt recess while s/n 52808 has the early square bolt recess

          photo of 52808

          both receivers are revision 2 but have different heat lots


            Ok, now I'm confused...

            52112 has a round bolt recess
            52285 has a square bolt recess
            52808 has a square bolt recess

            So is revision -2 where the bolt recess change occurred?

            Very nice collection by the way....bd1


              revision 2 receivers should 98% of the time have production high guide ribs and the change over from square to round
              bolt recess. Serial numbers do not always follow sequence. Also on revision 2 receivers, you may find an extra narrow
              rib on the left side on some while others will be without the extra narrow rib.

              Additional: from the late Mac McCollum sn 42442 revision 2 C1IA revision 2 hand added

              also from my data: s/n 49797 REP 5 revision 1
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                Ok, I need to post some pics so you can help me understand what I have. So a -2 receiver with the square bolt recess would be an early receiver even though it has a later serial #..correct?

                You know why I love this forum???? Because I'm not competing against hundreds of other questions...just saying!


                  Springfield revision 2 receivers can have a square or round bolt recess. By the early to mid 50K range the square bolt recess
                  was gone.


                    There was a nice looking restored SA SPG stock with two equal sized holes and converted back to the no trap configuration on the CMP website @ $1200, it appears to have sold. These late SA SPG stocks are in my opinion very difficult to find and a lot of early gas ports are found with the early stock replaced. Years ago some used SA GHS stocks that no longer had a cartouche and converted them to no trap. Any of these conversions - either back to no trap or trap door to no trap will result in a shorter length of the stock.

                    Besides the WRA WB double box & WRA RS, I would rate the late no trap two equal size hole SA SPG as third most difficult (for me to locate)

                    One of my favorites is this SA 52112 with a S-A 7-40 barrel and original late SA SPG stock with a faint cartouche


                      50636 has a square bolt recess , rev 2


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                        53432 rev 2 J4A square bolt recess

                        54279 square bolt recess

                        49928 rev 2 C1IA round bolt recess

                        49797 rev 1 REP 5 square bolt recess

                      52714 has a rounded bolt recess.
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