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Numbered bullet guides

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    Numbered bullet guides

    One first on right looks early, rest are SA1.There are 3 variations here. One is punch marked. For what serial range?

    The B8875SA stars to appear around April/May 1940

    The B8875-1SA starts to appear in the fall of 1940 late Sept/Oct 1940

    one of your bullet guides looks damaged

    punch is ok nothing special
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      Which one looks damaged?. The first 4 from the left look the same. Number 5 is different? vertical slot in pic is shorter? Doesn't appear damaged.


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        number 5 looks like someone was working on the slot

      Should check those early bullet guides as the critical area is the hump in front of the pin hole. This is the accelerator bearing point and the WW2 era should measure .175 inch, less will and could cause problems. Many were chromed at the top of the hump during rebuild and easy to spot. The later bullet guide with the notch cut out on the side has the hump at .179 to .183 inches