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early Winchester elevation knob

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    early Winchester elevation knob

    Years ago when I purchased my three digit Winchester from the CMP auction, Charlie Redfield sent me a few parts to install on my rifle. Besides the early safety , he sent a early elevation knob with the small size "BATTLE". I not not certain where this knob fits into the Winchester sequence but Redfield seemed to know. I have measured this and it is smaller than the standard size BATTLE. To date, I have not seen anymore with the smaller size BATTLE Click image for larger version

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    Those are indeed very early Winchester. Interesting enough, the ones I've seen have the thick flared arrows. I originally thought the thin arrows were first. Apparently not. Early Springfield Modelshop elevation caps have Battle and Range in a smaller font also.



      Here is a group of elevation knobs, not difficult to spot the small "BATTLE" in a group

      Also a photo from the owner of 100,001 showing the top view of the elevation knob, would have been nice to see the side view. It would have been nice for the advanced collectors if additional early photos would become available (s/n 100,180 would have been a good example too) of these early Winchester rifles

      Also thanks to Paul for the information on the early elevation small "BATTLE" knob Click image for larger version

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        Robert, do you have calipers to measure the height and width of the word Battle on the small and large size? Send both of you can.


          Have measured with a dial indicator a few times, total length is .325 inch, believe Charlie Redfield found some early trigger guards with the smaller numbers/letters too.