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Top Hat Trouble

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    Top Hat Trouble

    Can anyone give me some guidance on these Top Hat Followers Please. There are 5 ranging from greys x2 on the left side to blacks on the right.

    I need help identifying if I have any SA Top Hat Followers here. Only one was bought as a Top Hat SA Follower, the rest were bought as WRA.

    To be honest, they all look WRA to me qfer a close study of Billy Pyle's book as well as some other references I have.

    Here are some pics:

    I will refer to them from left to right as:

    1. Grey
    2. Grey
    3. Black
    4. Black
    5. Black

    Many thanks!

    Scott Click image for larger version

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    More photos:

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      Last 4.

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        Number 5. Black seems to have beveled edges at left and right of the 'T'

        would this denote an earlier WRA Top Hat?



          They all look the same to me, WRA


            #5 definitely is different


              without making a long story, the Winchester follower used a 90 degree face while Springfield used 85 degree face


                And as you can see you have a couple that have different front faces. Note the angle of the profiles in the side shot. Some are straight up and some are canted, at least it looks that way in the picture. See Robert’s comments.


                  This is my understanding, feel free to correct : Springfield revision 1 (marked) used a 90 degree front face, also there was a SA revision 1 unmarked which Winchester used in first production which also had the 90 degree front face and 45 x 20 degree slide (as seen in serial #100,001). Winchester continue with the 90 degree front face but Springfield changed their follower to the 85 degree front face