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Gas Trap Build: 18552

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    Gas Trap Build: 18552


    I have decided to start another Gas Trap Replica build, this time of serial 18552. I had planned on selling this one to a friend but there's a long winded issue. Ironically, this rifle will be built almost in exact opposite of the last, starting with Receiver. It has a post war Gas Port barrel too.

    The possible plan for this rifle is to swap over the early parts from serial 19980 on to it as the latter would more than likely have had later parts than are currently on it.

    With the above in mind, I am basically searching for the later, more accurate parts for 19980

    Anyway, so far for this build I have:

    1. Short Pinion, Spring, Detent and Flush Nut.
    2. Checkered Elevation Knob
    3. B 8872 Rear Sight Cover

    4. No Revision Trigger Housing
    5. -1 Hammer (this is actually a slightly later - C46008-1 Hammer.

    6. Handstamped -1 Demilled Bolt

    7. Reproduction Type 1 Follower Rod
    8. Reproduction Keystone Spring
    9. Reproduction Compensating Spring
    10. Unmarked Operation Rod (a bit later than serial but all I have) - Relief Cut
    11. '0" Marked Accelerator Operating Rod Catch
    12. Revision 2 Follower- Later Slide
    13. Rounded Clip Latch

    14. -0 Grooved Lower Band
    15. Grooved Rear Handguard Clip

    16. B-8889 Sling Swivel
    ​​​​17. Long Buttplate Screw
    18. Short Buttplate Screw

    19. Reproduction Schuster Gas Trap Cylinder

    I may also have a set of Reproductive numbered handguards lined up, along with some other pieces.

    My real hunt will be another Schuster Reproduction Gas Trap Cylinder which fits onto Gas Port Barrel.

    Love the hunt!


    I have been speaking to a fellow collector who has many of the parts that I require to correct this project. I am just awaiting prices and can hopefully go forward from there. Have asked after:

    B-8875 Bullet Guide
    Single Bevel Numbered Follower Arm
    Numbered Rear Handguard Clip
    Pair of checkered Knobs
    Numbered rear sight Base
    No revision safety
    Early Trigger Guard with no rings
    -1 Ferrule

    I may have also located a Revision 2 follower from a real expert!

    Thanks guys!

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    Isn't the hunt the best?! I can't wait to see it when you're done.


      Good Luck with that one. Keep us posted!! Parts are getting harder.


        Update re: Gas Cylinder



          Update - Revision 2 follower