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Lend Lease - Calling all Canadian M1 Owners.

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    Lend Lease - Calling all Canadian M1 Owners.

    I have been doing a bit of research regarding Lend Lease with the US and her allies and am very curious to find out about the M1 Rifles which were shipped to Canada as part of Lend Lease.

    Similar to the M1s, there were some 4,000 1911a1s shipped to Canada as part of Lend Lease in 1943. These pistols have the Broad arrow stamp and 'C'. The broad arrow denoting for use for by War Department. These pistols also have a stamp of 'NOT ENGLISH MAKE' on them.

    I have a friend whose M1 Rifle has this 'NOT ENGLISH MAKE' stamp underneath his rear Handguard. My theory is that any M1 Rifles which were sent to Canada may have this Broad Arrow Stamp and potentially the War Department Broad Arrow and C.

    I will contact my friend (although I am currently banned on Facebook) and ask him to check for any other markings.

    Any fellow collectors who live in Canada and own an M1 Rifle which appears to be in all original 1941, 42, 43, or 44 could you please go over your M1s with fine tooth combs and see if you can see anything.

    I have attached the stamps to look for.

    Many thanks,