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    Gas Trap Serial List

    Hi everyone. Does anyone have a list of M1 Gas Trap M1s which they have observed being sold or being in collections over the past few years?


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    You are aware of the M1 Garand serial number list maintained at the site?

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    I am not aware of any other public list, although I would not be surprised if Dave McClain or others of his ilk have kept up a database.

    Sometimes I think that it is a pity that the GCA doesn't host a Forum on their site, although it is certainly understandable why they don't.


      I keep alot of data sheets on M1 rifles, but it is very important to know if there is any restroation or if the data sheet is from an original. Also for years I have collected barrel dates and heat lot codes on gas port barrels starting with June 1940.

      I also collect data on gas trap barrels with known original receivers (have about thirty examples). The gas trap barrels started out with the drawing number D28286 and then changed to D-28286 with some overlap in the 18K to 19K serial range. Early barrels have the heat lot code that starts with J

      Also nice to collect auction data on gas traps too


        I have always wanted to know the drawing number and heat lot code of the barrel in serial number 197. I knew the man that purchased this rifle in 2001 and also know this rifle sold for $28750.00 in Sept 2019.




            I have eight more with the barrel drawing number and heat lot code that are not on the list. There are more but not in my list as I could not find the barrel data, including five or six on the list