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    Gas Trap Replica Build

    Hi everyone I am working on a Gas Trap restoration/replica. This will be a non-shooter. The Schuster Gas Trap cylinder was bought at a discount as the tooling caused some close machining during production.

    I finally found an early serial receiver just over the 18500 mark. I should pick it up in December after paying it off. I am missing a few parts and need advice on whether to try and find these or leave as is.

    It has a post war barrel which is welded on (where I live this a requirement) so will never be 100% original however I have amassed a large collection of original and repro Gas Trap parts.

    Partswise I have:

    Rear Sights:

    Aperture: B-8868-1
    Elavation Cap: Need to Source was thinking standard checkered one.
    Windage Knob: Same as above.
    Flush Nut
    Short Pinion: Unmarked
    Rear Sight Base: C46001
    Rear Sight Cover: B8872
    Rear Sight Cover: Unmarked no indents

    Trigger Group:

    Trigger: Hole No Number
    Trigger Guard: C46025 + Rings
    Trigger Housing: D28290 Modified Pad
    *Safety: C46015-4SA (Too late for 18500).
    *Hammer: C46008-1SA (Too Late for 18500).
    Hammer Spring
    Hammer Spring Housing: (Blue/Dark Grey maybe too late for build).
    Plunger: Blue/Dark Grey maybe too late for build.


    Clip Latch: 0 marked
    Bullet Guide: B-8875
    Follower Arm: B8869 Double Bevel
    Follower: Very faint 2 on underside.
    *Operating Rod: D35382-1-SA (Too late for build)
    **Follower Rod: REPRO Type 1 Unmarked
    **Compensating Spring: REPRO Keystone
    ** Operating Rod Spring: REPRO for use with keystone

    Cylinder Area:

    **Schuster Repro Gas Cylinder: Type 1?
    Stacking Swivel: Unmarked - Need to source - Will any wartime one do?

    Stock and Handguards:

    ***Original Wartime SA GHS stock which had been sanded down by previous owner. Have a friend with a set of original SA SPG stamps + Proof stamp and underside of butt number stamps who will stamp and also mark underside of Buttplate wooden area as repro.

    *Buttstock Ferrule: Unmarked (Too late for build)
    Buttstock Swivel: B8889
    Buttstock Swivel: B-8889 (Will research which is more accurate).
    **Buttplate: REPRO No Trap Buttplate 'C46012'
    Short Screw: Springfield 1903 Screw
    Long Screw: B 8881-6

    **Rear Handguard: REPRO Numbered C46005
    Rear Handguard Clip: B8870-1
    **Front Handguard REPRO Numbered C46006
    **Ferrule: REPRO with Lip
    **Spacer: REPRO no Hole
    Lower Band: C46000
    Lower Band: C46000-0

    Bolt: D28287

    Was looking for some advice regarding the parts which are too late for this serial.

    1. I have a relief cut 1-SA Operating Rod and the chances of me ever finding a 0 are very slim is there a way to utilize the 1-SA.

    2. Should I look for a numbered stock ferrule?

    3. Should I look for a C46008-1 Hammer?

    4. Should I look for a C46015-4 Safety?

    5. Should I look for a numbered trigger?

    Thank you!

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    I have collected these parts over the last 4 years and ironically the last piece I bought in regards to a Gas Trao buildings the receiver! I feel I should continue to get the last parts but at same time I am very interested to what other collectors think.



      Little update from the current owner of rifle it actually has a 1943 barrel!




        Decided to try and restore this to as correct as possible.

        So am on the hunt for:

        B 88675 Rear Sight Cover
        Numbered Trigger
        Numbered stock Ferrule
        -1 Hammer
        0 operating Rod

        And have just found a -4 Safety.

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          Little update have found:

          Numbered Ferrule
          -1 Hammer
          B 8875 Rear Sight Cover

          So just a numbered trigger and the elusive -0 Operating rod to find!



            The trigger with a drawing number can be found, most are revision 2 but the difficult revision 2 trigger to find has the "high hump". Do not know the reason but there are a few around and they were in the system as I once found a data sheet on a gas trap rifle that had this high hump trigger Click image for larger version

Name:	p1010005_0007.jpg
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Name:	p1010009_0011.jpg
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              Thank you mate!

              That and a 0-Operating Rod are the last parts I need!



                A few years ago the imports had some rev 0 operating rods, all had the relief cut, there was a dealer in MD that had some top marked rev 0 operating rods that came from parts imported from Canada and these all had the cut too, sold right away Click image for larger version

Name:	p1010029_0029.jpg
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ID:	25905 Click image for larger version

Name:	p1010031_0031.jpg
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                  Would love to get one of them!



                    Just added a numbered trigger!



                      Final big piece of the puzzle!

                      Now just 2x open arrowed knobs!



                        I assembled my 10,xxx GT attempt awhile back, with the Schuster front end and a defarbed GI barrel in good shape.

                        The bbl was a candidate for the defarbing project as I bought it as an LMR bbl but it was actually a restamped 11-44 SA bbl with almost new bore, measured at at less than 1. It still has the top markings however.

                        The gun has all the correct parts for that era gun. I have an un numbered op rod, uncut on the gun.
                        Stock was a GHS long throat, now with large hole over small hole, and a GT buttplate.

                        Trigger Guard assembly, internal parts and sight parts were purchased one by one over 15 years. I am satisfied with the outcome in the lineup. My elevation knob has the stamping # inside the cup.
                        NO Keystone springs or Gt follower rod, just a short fork and normal spring.

                        Until a repro Ratworx front end becomes available, it will have to do.
                        I do notice that the entire project has a well finished fit and finish appearance to it, that I can only attribute to the maker of the parts and their condition at purchase.

                        It put out the fire in my head for a GT, and the parts are all OUT of boxes and assembled onto a working gun.
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                          Little update I have managed to find every part except... an SA SPG stock.

                          Obviously this is a rare beast so very much doubt I'll be able locate one!



                            Well it's time for an update!

                            The serial is 19980 and is currently about 80% complete to correct Gas Trap parts. The rifle was a post war rebuild but when it arrived to me I was happy to find out that it had a Winchester '2S' buttplate on it on very good condition! I received it three weeks ago and stripped it down, put all my gas Trap parts on it and the yesterday I was looking at the buttstock which is currently on the rifle till my long channel arrives, and I realised that it had an early milled Ferrule on it!😃😃This is going to my Early Gas Port rifle!😉