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Gas Trap - Schuster Repro Cylinder

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    Gas Trap - Schuster Repro Cylinder

    1st question:

    Does anyone know of the repro Schuster Gas Trap Cylinder will fit onto and work with a gas trap barrel.

    I'm not talking about for firing but for aesthetics.

    I understand that the Schuster Cylinder fits know a gas post barrel but will it also fit onto a gas trap barrel?

    My reason for asking is I am planning on having a friend create a replica gas trap barrel and receiver but need to know whether to go with a gas trap or gas port type barrel.

    2nd Question:

    Does anyone have schematics or engineers drawings and sizes of a gas trap barrel and an M1 receiver?



    the gas trap barrel is 22 inches long while the gas port barrel is 24 inches long.

    it is possible to cut down a gas port barrel to 22 inches, thread a sleeve to the barrel, than thread the sleeve for the screw on gas trap cylinder which has a 5/8 - 32NF thread

    I believe the Schuster gas trap look alike is only for the gas port barrel


      here are some old photos that were posted before on this forum. They show gas trap barrels that were made from gas port barrels as stated in above post. The slot for the rear hand guard clip is different between gas port and gas trap barrels but not important in reproduction barrels. One of the barrels in these photos is an original gas trap barrel too Click image for larger version

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        Thank you🙂