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fake gas trap cylinder for gas port barrels

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    fake gas trap cylinder for gas port barrels

    New fake gas trap gas cylinder that will fit your standard 24 inch gas port barrel. Don't know the cost but from what I here, you can shoot it

    If the flute was re-cut and the front sight base modified it would better - still a poor mans gas trap.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	RCS_Fake_Gas_Trap_Cyl.jpg
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    Who makes it?


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      Do not know who manufactures this type of gas cylinder ? I sold the man a repro ferrule with lip on a hand guard and he sent me a photo showing the hand guard on his rifle.

    If anyone know where I can find one please pm me.


      Schuster Manufacturing, same company that makes adjustable gas screw was making them about a year ag. I just looked but no longer see them on their web site. Might give them a call


        Any update on these?

        are they still available?

        Thank you!



          I, Redleg, purchased one. There it is.

          I got sick of waiting for a Ratworx conversion, and purchased one to complete my 10xxx GT. $650. 20 years of collecting GT parts. Lots of $$$$ involved of course.
          I would buy a Ratworx today if it became available.

          GT is nearly complete and period correct, save for the 10-41 BP (chamber) LL bbl; 20 year project. Correct op rod, etc, etc. So it is still a GTwannabe,and an almost DC with a GT faux cylinder. I like handling it. Very nice long throat Stock with butt converted back to GT. It is a mongrel of sorts, and always will be, but I have a 11-40 resto, 3-41, 5-41, 8-41LL as pre war guns all correct. This hobby is a nice diversion from other hobbies.