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November 1940 rifle

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  • November 1940 rifle

    I found some old (2013) photos of a 11-40 restoration done years ago, These S-A 11-40 dated barrels are difficult to find and this one came from SARCO years ago.
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    I could use one of those follower rods. Do you have a data sheet? Thanks for sharing.


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      Curt, some data on my Nov 1940 rifle restoration. receiver: 88581 -3 SA J5C, barrel S-A 11-40 D-35448-4 D-4-C, bolt rev 2 C12A round pin, op rod -1-SA uncut, trigger housing -1-SA, hammer 2 SA and safety no hole rev 6, rear sight early checkered knobs, flush nut & flat cover, follower rod round body with late op rod spring

      Gas cylinder D-35449-SA, follower revision 4, bullet guide -1SA, late op rod catch (should be without finish), follower arm late flat back

      stock is early SA GHS without cartouche but 0 stamp in barrel channel, stock ferrule stamped without bottom hole.

      receiver is without anneal color but has been reparked, you could use a -2-SA trigger housing ? should have a keystone spring or keystone and comp spring


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        lower band with groove
        early pattern checkering on trap door butt plate

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      Was a guy on CMP forum selling original Keystone springs, and follower rod ,not for the faint of heart


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        Yes, if I recall $4500.00 for the keystone and comp spring and $1100.00 for the follower rod - but I believe these prices are too high.

        There are keystone springs around that are too short because the last inch or so was broken off when they were removed from the round body follower rod.


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          Nice set of springs. Very difficult to find original springs much less ones that aren't kinked or broken. Nice blued original finish type 1 follower rods average out between 900-1100.00 . A few sold awhile back on CMP for over 1200.00.


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            Click image for larger version

Name:	P1010030_0030.jpg
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Size:	192.5 KB
ID:	21531 The early 1941 Winchester follower rod for the keystone and comp spring are also most difficult to locate.


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              Thank you Robert for the information.


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                While the type 1 Winchester follower rod is extremely difficult to find and valued higher than a regular Springfield type 1 follower rod , the numbered Springfield type 1 follower rod is probably the most difficult to find. I'm unsure why as it was made for a longer period of time than the type 1 Winchester follower rod. Extremely rare pieces none the less.