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My Gas Trap Collection (Pics)

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    My Gas Trap Collection (Pics)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20190825_001706.jpg
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Name:	20190825_001726.jpg
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ID:	21065 Here we are the parts have arrived. Every part is numbered or marked except for the buttstock ferrule. I also have 3x Top Hat Followers but am unsure of if any are SA.

    In this picture you will also note a numbered SA Gas Cylinder, gas cylinder lock and SA Rivited Short Fork.

    thank you!

    Scott Click image for larger version

Name:	20190825_001701.jpg
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    Here Click image for larger version

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Name:	20190825_001822.jpg
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ID:	21072 are some more.

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ID:	21077 #3.

      Scott Click image for larger version

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        Click image for larger version

Name:	20190825_001926.jpg
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ID:	21081 #4. Early numbered SA Cylinder, gas cylinder lock, short fork SA.

        That's all for now, hope you enjoy!

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          Question, are there any parts for the M1 around in your area ? and is the straight pull M1 rifle still available in the UK ? Also what serial numbered receivers are you working to restore ?


            Hi RCS. Parts in my area are very scarce. We can pick up deactivated (demilled) original receivers which are quite sought after. However due to the whole being part of the EU; we are unfortunately bound by European laws. Basically the UK had a knee jerk reaction which resulted in these kind of rifles i collect, known as 'old spec' being illegal to buy and sell but not to own. Dealers holding special Section 5 Licenses can still export these rifles to countries outside of the EU.

            *A little history on deactivated M1s in UK*

            1. Old Spec - Deactivated prior to 1995 - These can be cocked and dry fired. The rifle can be stripped down to bare receiver which has a barrel welded on. An empty clip can be loaded in and when the op rod is pulled back the opening of the bolt will allow the clip to make the ping and eject. The majority of these rifles have the barrels cut at the bottom and plugged with a metal rod so that no bullet may ever be fired down the barrel again. Bolt faces are often cut at 45 degree angles to prevent the cycling of rounds and other parts can have slight cuts. Often op rods are cut at the piston ends which does not affect the cocking and dry firing of the rifle. Lastly barrels are welded to receivers.

            Some 'old spec' rifles simply have the bolt firing pin removed and a vertical thin rod blocking the barrel at some point down the barrel length. It is possible to find some which have enough room at the chamber to be able to cycle and eject rounds. These kinds are the most expensive and rare.

            These rifles are very sought after in UK and provate sales and trades do still occur between private collectors. The prices can range from £500 (people panic selling) to £5k (restored to correct parts and can cycle and eject).

            2. Mid spec - Deactivated between 1995 - 2016 - These M1s have the bolt welded in a closed position from underneath and the bolt lug is chopped off. The majority of the time the gas cylinder lock is spot welded to the Gas screw preventing any stripping and often the hammer is welded to the safety and the trigger is welded in place. The op rod fork is often welded to the inside of the rifle somewhere so that the op rod will still be able to be pulled back.

            Some 'Mid Spec' rifles do not have the spot weld on the gas cylinder lock and can be stripped down. To bare receiver with bolt and barrel welded on.

            I have seen mid specs which have had the welds drilled out but this is illegal, then again if soneone wants to create a weapon they will use a bit of pipe and some pressure.

            Prices range from £300 (panic selling) - £650 (What dealers sell to countries from outside EU.

            3. 2016 EU/UK Spec - Current Spec - This spec sees our beloved collectibles turned into nothing more than expensive paper weights. This all matches the previous 'Mid Spec' with the additiion of the trigger guard being welded to the trigger housing so it is entirely unstrippable.

            Prices range from £800 - 1k (But only people who travel to and From Europe with reenactment groups buy these or people who don't know any better.

            Now to answer your questions mate:

            There are some parts available, however with the outlawing of the buying and selling old spec M1s there is a grey cloud hanging over parts. Some say they're illegal, some say they're not illegal. I buy parts from USA and have them sent to a good friend in USA's house and then he sends me over a care package (see attached pic).

            There are still straight pull available in UK, however I have no interest in these as these are modern weapons. The whole point of collecting these deactivated M1s is because fhisnis a living piece of history. Yes they have been welded so they cannot fire but that's what myself and other collectors like about them. They are safe to own and to share with others at reenactment shows, collector meet ups etc.

            Without starting a political debate I am not really in to live firing weapons but that's because of all the responsibility which comes with the owning if one over here. Owning a live weapon does not interest me. Yes I wish that the laws were different and that we could own a live semi auto M1 but I would only want blank only ammunition for living history displays.

            The receivers I am working on are:

            Feb 1945 SA - I have actually restored this M1 to 100% correct WW2
            March 1941 SA - Which is 99% correct WW2 - Only the barrel is post war but as stated before on deacs these are unchangeable.
            September 1943 Winchester- Restored to 99% Winchester correct WW2 parts - Only barrel is post war.
            February 1944 SA - Restored to 99% Correct WW2 Parts
            October 1944 - Restored to 80% WW2 Parts (Maybe being swapped for a 42 SA.
            October 1944 SA - Mix Master 60% WW2 Parts.

            The Gas Trap Parts project is a serial between 1 - 55,000 (Which I know do exist over here as my friend had serial 2314 10 years ago but sadly sold it) with an early gas port barrel (hopefully) but even a mid - post war Gas Port barrel will do as it will have the numbered Gas Cylinder and SA Short Fork.

            Thank you for reading!

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              Here is a few pics of my M1s. I have a few more in storage. My collection has changed a lot in past few months. Also pictures is my 1905 Bayonets Collection.Click image for larger version  Name:	20190427_171900.jpg Views:	4 Size:	138.5 KB ID:	21088Click image for larger version  Name:	20190221_180642.jpg Views:	4 Size:	95.3 KB ID:	21089Click image for larger version  Name:	20181209_182822.jpg Views:	3 Size:	197.8 KB ID:	21090

              Scott Click image for larger version  Name:	20190601_154743.jpg Views:	3 Size:	126.6 KB ID:	21087
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                  Thank you mate!😊