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The Garand Stand report Fall 2019 No 116

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  • The Garand Stand report Fall 2019 No 116

    Nice article by Brad Pederson (who is a member of this forum) about the first M1 rifle sent to Winchester in Sept 1938. The complete article is in Billy Pyle's "The Garand Stand Report" Fall 2019 issue with documentation discovered by the late Frank Mallory of Springfield Research Service.

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    Thank you Robert. I have not seen the published version but really look forward to it.

    Everyone else... if you aren't subscribed to The Garand Stand I would highly recommend it. It is the best publication with primary source information on the M1 Rifle for collectors.
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      I believe the second Springfield M1 rifle sent to Winchester is serial number 15070, it was a Cody and may still be there


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        15070 is still at Cody. Saw it on display last summer.


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          Just got the article. 15070 was NOT the second “Gas Trap” sent to Winchester. Hopefully future Garand Stand publications will share the others sent to WRA.


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            Nice article Brad. Pretty cool to find and have that serial number. The hard part is do you restore it or leave it in a rebuild condition, either is great. I was fortunate enough to come across the two early USMC receivers that were used in yhe trials at Quantico against the G30. I did restore them back to gas trap configuration with original finish components and not refinishing the receivers even though they have the 7th round modification. Very cool receiver Robert.

            Paul 'Bubba1'


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              Data sheet from s/n 1607: receiver: D 28291 without anneal, barrel: S-A 4-41 exc 1.0 TE, operating rod rev 3 uncut, gas cylinder D-35449-SA, rear sight aperture B-8868-1, cover B-8872 short pinion with flush nut and fine checkered knobs. Operating rod catch 0 marked accelerator and single bevel follower arm B8869. Stock is WRA 95 F with serif P proof and second firing proof with plain P in circle.

              Rifle is fifth standing from left side