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Building A Replica Gas Trap (UK)

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    Building A Replica Gas Trap (UK)

    Hi everyone. I am working on a replica M1 Gas Trap Project.

    It will be built using a replica M1 Garand made by Hudson. These are replicas which can be retrofitted with original M1 Rifle parts. It will fit an original trigger group, stock etc and is essentially just a model receiver with model barrel attached.

    I have managed to find a Replica Gas Trap Cylinder Area with plug and sight.

    My questions are:

    1. Is a Gas Trap Barrel any different inside for the Gas Cylinder Area than a Gas Port Barrel?

    The Replica is made using a barrel suitable for a Gas Port Cylinder.

    2. Will I need to modify the model barrel to fit the replica Gas Trap Cylinder?

    3. Is there anywhere I could find drawings of how I could change the barrel to fit the Gas Trap Cylinder?

    Thank you!


    The gas trap barrel is 22 inches long and the early gas trap cylinder screws on the barrel, the improved barrel has a gas port with splines to attach the new improved gas cylinder. This second barrel is 24 inches long. Also a ferrule with a lip is used with the gas trap cylinder. Billy Pyle's book "The Gas Trap Garand" is well worth the price


      Ah thank you. I will have to find a repro ferrule with a lip I think!



        I have a friend who says he is sending me a copy of the book over!😊