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rear sight covers - sequence of production

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    rear sight covers - sequence of production

    I have posted this on another forum but would appreciate any feedback concerning the sequence of production. information came from Billy Pyle's book "The Gas Trap Garand" and data sheets of original rifles.

    production started with rear sight cover B-8872 then B 8872 and by around Nov 1939, B8872 which lasted to around serial number 59K. Everything that I have in the early 60K serial range indicated the un-marked flat cover which lasted until Dec 1940. The un-marked flat cover and indented covers (until late 1942) have a code mark which could be a single letter, number or symbol

    I'll dig out some more data but here's what I remember this morning,

    B-8872 ( serial 81 , 1937, -

    B-8872-3 ( unknown use )

    B 8872


    B8872 ( letter, number coded - B has been observed )

    No Indent cover ( letter, number coded - Fall 1940 - Nov. 1940 )

    Indented sight cover ( letter, number coded , Dec. 1940 - Dec. 1941 ? )

    Indented sight cover ( no code , 1942 - end of production )


      Along these lines, teach me about the WRA rear sight covers please. I've been hunting for a double-ribbed WRA cover w/punchmark for a while and just wondering where they fall in the WRA sequence.
      Welcome to the Addiction!