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direct conversion stock

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    direct conversion stock

    I am rather certain that this is a direct conversion SA SPG stock with the large over small hole stock. Note the poor fit of the new trap door butt plate to the original stock with the gap at the toe of the stock. Also note the second firing proof P stamp on the pistol grip for the new gas port barrel. I have seen other stocks like this and it is apparent other rebuild stamps were not used, only the second P proof firing stamp. Sometimes on these direct conversion stocks, you will find a large size RA-P on the flat of the pistol grip beside the two firing proofs, later on the rebuild stamps start to appear.

    I have one almost identical to this. It is a large hole over small hole with the same gap at the toe. It however has been modified to a medium throat. It also has two P proofs, one with serifs, and one without. The bp cut out is not so crude on mine, probably indicating a later time frame.

    It was never beat up, had low time use.

    It has a shadow large wheel, and two cartouches, overstamped, neither readable.

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      early numbered long channel SPG with -1 ferrule .. 2 poofs... Probably a later rebuild
      Click image for larger version

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