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Numbered Buttplate

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    Numbered Buttplate

    Any thoughts on this numbered buttplate?
    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0899.jpg Views:	1 Size:	86.6 KB ID:	13327

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0900.jpg Views:	1 Size:	91.2 KB ID:	13328
    Welcome to the Addiction!

    Since it is numbered would think fairly early on use. No idea on authenticity tho, I haven't seen enough of these to really know.


      you need to measure with a dial indicator from the bottom of the top screw hole to the top of the long screw hole.

      also measure from the bottom of the long screw hole to the end of the butt plate toe. Post your measurements


        Very nice.


          The measurements of the buttplate are as follows:

          Distance from the bottom of the upper screw hole to the top of the lower screw hole = 2.4665 inches
          Distance from the bottom of the lower screw hole to the tip of the toe = 0.9980

          I should note two other things:
          1. This buttplate fits absolutely perfectly on my unmodified SPG stock.
          2. I examined the inside area of the plate, and it's very smooth compared to the two repros that I have in my trash parts box. The number has ever-so-small raised areas around the numbers and a light outline of where a stamping die made the impression. I thought that was interesting.

          Thanks for any help.
          Welcome to the Addiction!


            Your measurements check-out with known original solid butt plates.

            SA without drawing number = 2.466 bottom of screw hole to toe = 1.00

            SA withdrawing number = 2.475 bottom of screw hole to toe = 1.05

            Winchester = 2.453 bottom of screw hole to toe = .98

            There were fakes that had the two screw holes too close together which require a larger bottom hole
            in order to angle the long screw downward to reach the swivel and hope you did not cross thread your
            long screw. I understand there are some much better examples of fake solid butt plates that have
            surfaced, even with a drawing number next to W.R.A.


              Thank you very much for your detailed information.
              I have seen only one example of a faked numbered buttplate, and it did in fact have the WRA next to the drawing number.
              The sad.....very sad actually......thing about that example was that the buttplate was a real unnumbered plate that had been laser engraved with the fake WRA and drawing number. To do that on a repro is one thing, but to basically ruin a real solid plate is just a travesty.
              At any rate, thanks again for your information.
              Welcome to the Addiction!


                photo shows a Winchester long screw and rear swivel from a WRA WB no-trap stock, they are a little different

                second photo shows NOS SA screw and swivel that I found when I was an armorer and saved


                  Help! I have a smooth Garand butt plate, no numbers, no markings. It fits well on both of my Garands.

                  The question is whether it's a repo or original. Since there are no markings, I found your description of the hole spacing interesting. The problem is that my dimensions are close, but not quite.

                  The center-to-center distance of the screw holes is 2.692" and from the bottom edge of the lower hole to the toe is 0.986"

                  I used c-to-c because there is a small ding on the bottom of the upper screw hole of about .02". From the top of the bottom hole to the bottom of the top hole measures 2.428". If I allow for the ding, it could be 2.448. That's close enough to the dimensions you cite to be a maybe and far enough to be less than certain.

                  Are there other dimensions I should check?

                  I'm expecting that it's probably a repo, but I wouldn't mind good news.

                  Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all.



                    Could you post some photos of your butt plate, like the ones in post Home


                      Here it is. It's about as plain as plain gets.

                      Thank you for the fast response.
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                        the butt plate in your from came from South America, these have been around years ago, nothing related to US Military. These are made to fit the later stock with the trapdoor inletting


                          Pretty much what I expected. Interesting that it came from S. America. It just underlines that M-1s have been all over the world and done everything.

                          Thank you for your attention and quick response.

                          Here's hoping 2023 gets a lot better.


                            Springfield Sporters in PA sold your type of flat butt plate they were manufactured for some countries in central and south America.