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Unnumbered Early Rear Handguard Spacer

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    Unnumbered Early Rear Handguard Spacer

    This is an unnumbered early rear handguard spacer.

    Any ideas as to how early it is?
    Welcome to the Addiction!

    Very early. The very first ones had no holes, no notch, and no drawing number. A very hard piece to find in any condition for any gas trap.


      That is one tough part - I have never handled a loose one like that. Very cool.

      It is always something that I thought might still be out there on some random rebuild and ready to be found by the right set of eyes, maybe with a hint of numbers on the wood.

      What, ...? A guy can hope, can't he, ...


        Hope is a good thing. If you don't look for it you can't find it ........ I've found a few over the years. They will only be found separately or as a complete handguard with a lip type ferrule. Lip type front handguard ferrules seem to be easier to find than the no notch spacers .

        To explain, the notch on the later spacer is for the later ferrule . The lip on the later ferrule ( used on all gas port rifles ) goes inward , hence the need for a notch in the spacer , where as the lip on the earlier ferrule (used on gas traps except during the last few months of production when there is an overlap with gas port production , May & June 1940 ) goes outward. You cannot use an earlier spacer with no notch with a later ferrule without modifying the spacer or the ferrule .

        To my knowledge, Springfield did not modify any early spacers for reuse, too much trouble and cost involved . They are out there and that is one of the hardest parts to find for any gas trap restoration .