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Colorado Trip - enjoyed some nice shootin' while there.

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    Colorado Trip - enjoyed some nice shootin' while there.

    Went to visit family in Littleton and had a great time. Travelled with some rifles out of NY LGA. Had no problems with the declaration process, having done my homework before. Got the opportunity to shoot at an open range (state maintained). The range was at mile marker 198 along C-40. No range master, no fee, covered shooting station, about 40 yds between positions. Targets at 25yd,100yd,200yd. Due to earthen berms, you could safely approach your 200 targets w/o worrying about adjacent shooters. Also did some trap shooting on another day at Kiowa Creek Shooting Club, which has a nice walking course with (I think it was) 18 stations, each with its own look and feel. Target present at all different angles and speed, including "rabbit clays". Pictured is the range and station 11 at Kiowa Creek where you are shooting out the back of a 1930s flatbed truck.

    Littleton is a nice town, the Ex's brother has a really nice pad there. Never been to the shooting range though. Glad you had a good time!