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When I said 1950's 3 gun rig I meant it.

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    When I said 1950's 3 gun rig I meant it.

    The shotgun is what I could find but I am training to run with this rig, thoughts?

    Also, if it's un identifieable it's a Mossberg 200 K/A (Man. 1953). 12ga 2rd detachable box mags but I am messing around with the steel 7rd Saiga mags to see if I can weld a plate onto the back and make them run

    So far so good, just working on feed angle.

    Also forgive my dumpster welds, I'm just test tacking the plate and shims with 1/8 6010 on my test mag. The final mags will be MIG or TIG and a LOT prettier.
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      I will, thanks, my apologies. I get a couple weekends a month to myself at home to do this stuff and I'm usually hammered or in my shop. I'll put a sticky note on the fridge.


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