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  • Jersey Devil
    Ironic that you posted this. I just had a great experience with a razor company, and was thinking it would be nice to share my good experience with all of you. I'm going to slide this into the water cooler, but thanks again for sharing!!

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  • Phil McGrath
    started a topic Just wanted too share..

    Just wanted too share..

    Have you ever found something and just wanted too share with others, well here it is. I've had the same Casio dive type watch for 20 years I've been through a few bands and batteries. This time I was needing a band replacement the original type was cracking, splitting and failure wasn't far away. I did some looking around on-line and found what was called a NATO Watch Strap it looked cool. So I started too look around found a few maker/sellers some were modest in price and some were outrageous in there pricing, paying high shipping for a small item was also a NO-GO.

    Then I stumbled onto the NATO Strap Co. they have a nice web page that's easy too view and see there quality with free shipping. They offer many different styles I chose the Black Ops XII mostly because it was black and a closer match with the brushed hardware too the original band also I have a wide wrist. I ordered on a Sat night and it was in a mail box Weds shipping was from NY to WA, it took all of 5min too take off my old band a slide on the new. Break in was 30 sec and it doesn't feel clunky like the old band did, its more natural in its feel.

    No I wasn't paid in any way shape or form just passing on what I think is a good deal on a stylish watchband that should last for many, many years. Check them out just add a www. in front of there name and look for yourself. ‚Äč