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Camp Perry M1 Garand match question

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    Camp Perry M1 Garand match question

    Are National Match sights, specifically the hooded rear sight legal at Camp Perry in the "As-issued" class?

    From the CMP Games Rules book. As I read the rules, I would say no. You can always send them an email and ask.


    -Issued M1 GarandThe rifle must be a Caliber .30 U. S. M1 Garand rifle that was issued by the U.S. Armed Forces and be in as-issued condition. A Caliber .30 M1941 Johnson rifle or a U.S. Carbine Caliber .30 M1 may be fired in matches designated asM1 Garand matches.

    a)Rifles must be as issued by the U.S. Armed Forces,with standard stock and sights;

    b)Trigger pulls may not be less than 4.5 lbs., except that the M1941 Johnson may have a trigger pull of not less than 3.5 lbs.;

    c)National Match (NM)Garands with synthetic bedding or NM sights may not be used. NM rifles with no synthetic bedding or no NM sights or other rifles with NM operating rods or NM gas cylinders may be used;

    d)The use of shims made of any material in the action and barrel bedding areas of the stock is prohibited;

    e)As-issued M1 Garands must be chambered for the .30-06 cartridge. No rifles chambered for the 7.62mm NATO (.308) cartridge may be used;

    f)M1C and M1D Garands, with telescopes detached, are considered as-issued M1 Garands, provided that they comply with other requirements for As-Issued M1 Garands. Cheek pads may not be used on these or other M1 Garands

    g)M1 Garand or M1941 Johnson rifles may not weigh more than 9.75 lbs. M1 Carbines may not weigh more than 6.1 lbs.