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    Does any one else feel this way?--
    I don't know your feelings, but I get tired of giving out advice and answers--especially to newbies--only to have no response back from them. I've been at this game for 40+years. I've paid my dues. When I started out, there was no internet. I read every book and periodical I could get my hands on. I wrote letters, and HOPED to get responses in return. I talked to the vets who used them (starting with my late father) and looked at every one I could handle. A lot of sleuthing and deducing was done by comparisons. I visited SANHS and asked questions.
    I don't mind sharing the info IF some one is at least polite enough to give a quick "Thanks", but most seem to be too self-absorbed for a little acknowledgement and wonder why us old-timers stop visiting the M1 sites and coming forth with our collective knowledge. I'm kinda' at the point where I don't care to share the hard-gotten information any more and just take it to my grave.
    Ok, rant over. Thanks guys.
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    I pay good money out of my own pocket to keep this site up and running...and I never take donations nor ask for them. That said, I certainly hope those that are here now stay here and continue to share the information they have gained over the years.

    I think this is a multi-pronged problem, and one issue is the delivery of a response. Many people are easily offended by folks that may immediately place themselves at a higher level than the one asking the questions. Typed text is a bland, often emotionless thing and those that are shy about asking their questions only to have someone answer them in a way that may be construed as "talking down" to them is an immediate turn off. The context of a written / type response is everything.

    Okay fine, so that all said what aggravates me about people's failure to respond is the fact that it goes without mention....or appreciation.....that a person took time out of their life to sit there and read the post, think about a correct answer(s), and then type it out.

    Another issue is that some replies are too wordy (maybe like mine here!!). In this world of instant gratification people want short, quick answers they can read on their smart phones. It's a casualty of the world we live in, but those that answer with long-winded replies sometimes get ignored because people are generally too lazy to read it all. Again, a slap in the face to those that took time out of their lives to formulate a response in the hopes of A. helping the concerned party, and B. in the hopes of initiating meaningful and though-provoking conversation.

    Stick around TJT, we like having you here.

    Welcome to the Addiction!


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      Brian Very well said. TJT I understand your frustration. I post and follow 6 different gun forums (6 different weapons) and its the same problem with most of the forums. I find the posters that post a question ref. to a weapon not functioning properly are lot of times a problem. They will seek advice but fail to follow thru with a post advising if the problem was solved and how. Questions do not bother me as I am retired and have time to share what knowledge I have. I must say I enjoy your posts.


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        Brian and RDS-- Thanks for the encouragement. And Brian, my hat's off to you, Sir, for keeping this fine site up and running.


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          We appreciate all of you very knowledgeable guys being here, and the time and information you freely give. Thank you all sincerely.

          Try to remember that it's not for the people that are ungrateful, it's for the M1 Garand itself - to keep the rifle and that important information even that is not in the books alive. Even with some people that seem indifferent now, there will be some others later that may just read it and appreciate it unknown to us, and eventually could possibly create more guys like you years and years down the road that also keep it going with passion. If we don't, then it will die somewhere over time and great rifles will not be viewed as important at some point, especially in light of all the attacks on guns lately. Let's all stay strong together for something that is much bigger than us all.


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            Thank you for sponsoring the forum and thanks to all above who share their vast knowledge about the garand. I learn something new here every week and see just as many cool photos... regards,


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              I, for one always make it a point to say or write thank you when someone helps me
              out or answers my questions. This and other forums and the member are a wealth of information. I’m probably considered an old timer being 62. I have an 18 year old daughter that doesn’t understand or appreciate that saying or writing a thank you means the world to us. Don’t get too frustrated by a generation of instant gratification. It is what it is.


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                I recently joined this forum just to ask about a rifle. I got a lot of help and expert opinions, a week or so ago. I did say, "Thank you." After reading this, I went back to double check, and I am glad that I did offer thanks. I feel you have to be courteous. To me, the fun of M1 Garands or any other hobby is the friends you make and the pleasure of enjoying a common interest with others. What fun is there in old WW2 weapons if you don't have any friends you can fellowship with and learn from that share common interests? It makes no sense to me why anyone would use a forum like this without the goal of making new friends.


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                  Yes thanks Brian for keeping the forum going. I hope I have always been prompt in my responses. I always try to express my gratitude for the help I receive here and on other forums as well. If I am the one giving advice, I understand that life is busy, and keeping a full time job up 40 plus hours a week is tiring and I often don’t even want to have to check back let alone respond. So I can understand if it takes a day or two for a response. But I always remember that the person giving the help is not obligated to respond if they don’t want to. Therefore, always give thanks to those who do take time out of their day to respond to your question. Just simple courtesy. And I agree with Stuckus, the best part is getting to know the fine gents you meet here and other forums as well.


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                    Common courtesy seems to have gone "out of fashion" these days. I now share what I can offer and don't expect a response. I share anyway hoping I do some good.