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How much is too much for re-loading powder?

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    How much is too much for re-loading powder?

    This question was posted on another forum. My response was as follows:

    Guess it would depend on when and at what price you got used to buying powders. Just looking at some in my stash starting at $7.95 and then it jumped to 14.95, 19.95, 22.95 28.95 and then 31.95.
    Personally I have been shooting between 5 and 10K of .308 per year for decades and don't plan on slowing down much no matter what the price is.
    Last batch of 24lbs I received last week from Powder Valley was $36. per and I don't believe there is an end in sight. Even at the price we pay today it can be considered a bargain compared to many other hobbies. The stress reduction factor alone is invaluable to me. I would venture to guess that the average income of our population has increased considerably more than the cost of powder.

    That $7.95 powder was purchased the same year I bought my first 4x4 Ford new for $2500. My last Ford 4x4 ran $75,000. At that rate, for comparison, a pound of powder should be at $238.50.

    As long as the ammo makers are loading as much ammo as they can possibly make powder, primers and bullet heads will be in short supply. Prices will reflect this supply shortage.
    As a teenager in the late 1960s cheap Alcan 12 ga shotgun shells could be had for $1.99 for box of 25. A brick of 500 Canuk 22lr was $5.00. and regular gas was .29 cents a gallon. Min. wage was about an dollar an hour. The value of the American dollars has gone down at an alarming rate. That $1.99 is now $14.26, $5.00 is now $35.87, .29 cents is $2.08 and that $.1.00 is now $7.17. As you can see prices seemed cheap 50 years ago but that was not the case. Prices are higher now because a value of the dollar shrank after Pres. Nixon removed the gold standard.