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Identifying .30 M2 AP projectiles - no black tip

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    Identifying .30 M2 AP projectiles - no black tip


    I have the chance to purchase what appear to be M2 AP bullets (around 166 gr in weight, 1.4" in length). That would match the original spec...but they don't have a speck of black on the tips (see photo).

    Is there any other way I can be sure of these (as AP) before I purchase? Any advice is much appreciated. Click image for larger version

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    cut one open


      Most (but not all) US manufactured 30Ms AP will have a second groove on the bullet to support the steel insert (cannelure) . Also of dealers/ sellers will remove the black tip because a lot of ranges do not like AP bullets. When you load these bullets the range officers will not know they are AP. The M2 ball is always has a 150-152 gr bullet and your bullets would appear to be AP - but a magnet will prove there is a steel insert. Click image for larger version

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        Most US 20M2 AP pulled bullets sell for $1.00 each but the price will run from .85 cents to $1.25 per bullet

        How much was the price on your bullets ?

      $0.80 per bullet. The seller provided pics proving the length and weight. Also pics showing they were highly magnetic.

      I went ahead and trusted the fellow and purchased. Hopefully these are as advertised. He had some M61 as well for $0.87/per.