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IMR4166 For Garand?

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    IMR4166 For Garand?

    Is this powder appropriate for use in my 30/06 Garand? Has anyone used it and if so have any data to share?

    4166 is just a tic quicker than 4064, so yes its usable in the M1. Being one of the more modern powders it should also be cleaner burning as well. Not that I have any load data too pass on but you didn't state what weight bullet you plan too load with it? That would be a big help for those that do have data too pass on....


      I have loaded Enduron 4166 with Hornady 150g FMJBT (part #3037) with CCI 200 using 48.6g of powder.

      I forgot where I found the info for the load but I have run about 100 rounds rounds through the rifle without any troubles and without any signs of brass/primer problems. I remember I started low and worked up, why I stopped at 48.6 I forgot.

      HOWEVER I am far from a reloading expert so take this with a grain of salt.

      I did a lot of research before I tried reloading for my M1 since I do not want to hurt it. It has been a while and all I can find to back things up is my recipe in my book.

      I only want to use 4166 for it's copper fouling reducing properties and advertised tolerances to temperature since I live in Alaska and can be shooting anywhere from +80 to -50F.

      I am not a competition shooter, only recreational. I am trying to come up with "practical" rounds for my M1, one for fun and one using a Barnes TSX of some weight for hunting. I have not started working on a hunting round yet.