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Reloading viable medium range elk loads for the Garand

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    Reloading viable medium range elk loads for the Garand

    I'm of the opinion that the M1 is as viable today as ever as a field rifle, with modern powder and bullet technology possibly improving performance.

    I'm starting research on the Hornady 180 grain interbond projectile. It's only 7 grain heavier than the designed projectile and is a boattail with no cannlure. I need to test to see if my barrel likes the bearing surface and if the old girl likes them I'll play with some powders. If she hates them I'll look at a different projectile.

    For powder I'm starting with H4895 with my concept that this will be my slowest powder, heading up the burn rate chart towards faster powders in the direction of H335.

    Is there anyone out there with experience with these projectiles and powders?

    The M2 load was nominally 50gr IMR4895 with a 152gr flat base FMJ. Where you're using a heavier bullet, the charge will have to be less. I've had good results using IMR4320 with 180gr flat-base bullets. Generally you can use slightly slower propellants with heavier bullets, IMR4320 being about the slowest. H335 is faster than IMR4895 so I wouldn't use it with heavier bullets.
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      I've researched the load used to develop the Garand which was a 174 or 173 grain projectile. The IMR powder at that time is discontinued but I'm with you on the IMR 4320 as being as close as available.

      I had rotator cuff surgery two weeks ago so I'm waiting for therapy and then I'll start with the 4320. Thanks.