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    Colored Bullet Tips

    I recently had a chance to check out a bunch of different cartridges where the bullets had an assortment of colored tips. I know that each color means something (.i.e, black = AP, green and white striped = frangible, silver = API, etc...)

    What I found interesting is that some of the color appeared to be applied using a paint and other color appeared to be some form of lacquer or a very thin paint of some type. Specifically, the IMI 5.56mm rounds containing SS109 bullets had a dark, thick green paint where some other SS109 rounds had a much different color green and so on.

    Now, my question is two fold.

    A.) I would think that people who reload a lot and use various bullets and charges would use a specific color to mark their rounds. Is this true? Do people do this?
    B.) If so, what do they use to mark their rounds? Is there a special paint or lacquer?

    I would think that nail polish would be a good product since it typically dries to a very hard and durable coating.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks!
    Welcome to the Addiction!

    I don't know what others do too mark there rounds but, for my own reloads I look at the height of the seated bullet and how it feels for weight. 125's I seat pretty short so its a no brainer plus the loaded case feels abnormally light in your hand. 168's I seat out too 3.30 and there pretty easy too spot especially next too the 125 load. I have used other bullet weights and when I have, I marked them with a label and kept them in there own boxes. For some time now I have pretty much settled on these two bullet weights for my Springfield 03a1 so its real easy too ID what's, what with little thought.

    ‚ÄčI no longer have a M1 in 30.06, however I use the same routine for my 7.62mm M1. Short range (200yds) ammo 125's COAL 2.70, 300 prone rapids 135SMK 2.75 COAL, 155B hybrid's 2.80 COAL. The M1A same deal 168SMK/NCC 2.82, 168B Hybrids 2.90 COAL.