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some US 7,62x51mm variations

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    some US 7,62x51mm variations

    found an interesting photo of three US 7,62x51mm cartridges very much modified from the standard issue. I had these for a long time just never thought to taking any photos.

    left: Winchester necked down 22 cal on 7,62x51mm WCC 53 case (there is also a WCC 58 headstamp too)

    middle: green tip duplex T314E3 has two 83 gr bullets (second bullet off center) headstamp WRA 59. some limited use in Viet Nam

    right: steel case L C 56 with NATO symbol and standard bullet, not common to find

    I posted a photo in my above post and the middle 7,62mm is the green tip duplex cartridge, sometime around 1966, someone in ordnance got an idea to design a "low recoil" 7,62mm for the small stature soldiers in Viet Nam & Laos. They took the top green tip 83 gr bullet from the duplex cartridge and loaded it with 41 grs of 4198 for a velocity of 3200 fps. This proved to be very inaccurate and was replaced with a steel jacketed 90 gr bullet loaded at 3100 fps also with a white tip and FA 66 headstamp. Bill Ricca once had a photo of a modified M14 stock with pistol grip and metal butt intended to be used with this cartridge. Also the M60 m/g was suppose to used the white tip low recoil cartridge known as the XM256E1 too. The plan never really got off the ground and with the new M16's being available along with the M1 carbines, the small stature soldiers really did not need the low recoil 7,62mm. Photo shows green tip duplex and rare white tip low recoil cartridge
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